How To Crack GRE Exam

GRE Prepartion Time depends on the individual’s current analytical and English skills. In general, you need 1 – 3 months maximum to study for GRE . Three months with 2 hours everyday would be suffice to fetch you 315+ score. GRE preparation can be done in three different ways based on the methodology of your preparation:

1. Self-study: GRE Self-Preparation requires consistency and dedication. You need to follow a regular schedule that is well-orchestrated to ace the exam.

2. Coaching Centers: Most of the students prefer guidance from GRE coaching centers that will keep them on track; the experts provide strategic ways to achieve the exam.

3. Online coaching: Some aspirants prefer guidance but from their home comfort, while some are busy doing other jobs but still want to prepare for GRE. In that case, GRE Online Coaching is the best option for them.

The Time required to prepare for GRE:
Candidates mostly enquires “How much time is required to prepare for GRE?”, “How long to study for GRE?” , “How long to prepare for GRE?” and many more similar questions. The only answer to all these questions is the time requird to prepare for GRE is entirely personal. Nobody could actually answer “How much time to prepare for GRE?”. GRE prep time depends upon the intensity and rigorous practice of a candidate.

Students need to be in structured-practice to ace the exam. Grasping ability varies tremendously for every student hence the preparation time also varies. If one prepares for 4-5 hours daily keeping in mind the proficiency level across the 3 sections of the test then it would be easier to score well. A proportionate amount of effort will depend on your abilities, which will further help you to speed up your finals.

How to start preparing for GRE:
Before starting with the GRE preparation, you must go through the GRE syllabus, target score, and cut-off of different universities. If you wish to score high then you need to dedicate a greater amount of time to your practice and be consistent with it. The practice tests are very important, as you give practice tests you will diagnose your weak points and with this, you can analyze and enable the sections that need to be focussed.

The time required:

GRE Study Time:Each section requires different attention. So the GRE Study plan is necessary to decide how much time to study for GRE. Also, full-length practice tests will make it easier, to which content needs the focus most.

GRE Score: Compare your practice test score against the GRE Score Range. And then gradually speed up and try to score high.

Make a strategic plan: Whether you choose self-study or coaching, you need smart work. With a strategic plan and the right techniques, you can solve difficult problems that help you score better. For eg. you can plan to complete GRE Verbal study plan in 10 days, and so on.

Practice for technique: GRE subject test preparation can help to ace your practice. Try to give attention to detail while solving a problem. While taking practice tests and drills always follow the techniques this will save a lot of time.

Review your result: It is very necessary to review your GRE practice exams. To be ready for the GRE final exam you need to meet your score goal.

Build your GRE Vocabulary: GRE Vocabulary Preparation strategies make you score high. As vocab is a very important part of the syllabus, you will come across new words in the practice tests. Add them to your lists for better preparation.

GRE Quant preparation tips: GRE quant happens to be the most difficult section because this section has complex mathematical problems. GRE Quantitative preparation tips include rigorous practice in order to perform well in all the four criteria:

  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Data Analysis

Calculator: Calculator is a huge advantage in your exam. If you use it correctly then you can save a lot of time. But sometimes using the calculator for doing basic calculation is a waste of time; doing it on the scratch paper is anytime better.

So how long does it take to study for the GRE?
Keeping all the above-mentioned points in mind; GRE preparation time would be around four to ten weeks. And if you include all the practice sets and mock tests it might take six to twenty-four weeks. However few people likes to learn slow and take three months studying a few hours daily.

How long to study GRE?
However, the survey says that time required to prepare for GRE for aspirants who are studying or doing other jobs preferably go for six months study plan to get a complete idea over what all sections to cover in the next several months. You will notice that your preparation involves building up your basic skills such as reading comprehension and knowledge of math fundamentals. With regular 2-3 hours daily dedicated study can achieve the goal.

How to prepare for GRE in a month?
GRE study time needs to be maximum in the case of the one-month study plan. Follow the below words for success:

  • Take practice tests
  • Familiarize yourself with the format
  • Set your priorities
  • Practice religiously
  • Be confident and take enough sleep

How to crack GRE Exam in 4 weeks?

GRE preparation time table plays a vital role in managing GRE preparation time. Here is a 4 weeks study table below to give you an idea how much time to study for GRE:

view this link:

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